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  • Vermason Turnstile With Smartlog V5, 220VAC (Discontinued)

Vermason Turnstile With Smartlog V5, 220VAC (Discontinued)

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50777 - (Discontinued) Use the EMIT SmartLog V5 turnstile to enforce ESD access control in your facility. The EMIT 50777 turnstile is constructed of high quality stainless steel and includes a SmartLog V5 with mounting fixture. The turnstile will activate when a user passes their required ESD test. Features • Complete system includes EMIT SmartLog V5 with Turnstile • Provides data acquisition of ESD personnel grounding item testing • Smooth & Safe Mechanics • High Quality Stainless Steel • Flexible Operation • Access Control & Manual Override Control • Bi-Directional • LED Passage Signs • Free Rotating Tripod During Power Failure • Easy Integration • Bi-Directional Interface Relays • Automatic Relocking • 1 Year Warranty on the Turnstile • SmartLog V5 is Made in the United States of America • Turnstile is Made in Britain