Yokogawa LS3300 AC Power Calibrator

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The LS3300 is a single-phase AC power calibrator that can generate a highly accurate, stable, and wide range output current and voltage.

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The LS3300 is a single-phase AC signal generator capable of outputting both current and voltage simultaneously, allowing it to calibrate power measurement instruments such as current clamps/transformers, panel meters, RMS multimeters, and power meters.

The LS3300 boasts 78.5kW per unit, with user-configurable current, voltage, frequency and phase settings. New features include a high definition LCD display, a vector diagram, and the ability to synchronize up to three units to emulate anything from single phase two wire to three-phase four-wire systems.



  • Single to three-phase power calibration
  • Control and output of three-phase power
  • On-site calibration service
  • Large current output up to 180 A
  • Diversification of the calibration equipment by AUX output
  • LCD for enhanced viewing capabilities


  • Power Factor validation
  • In/output adjustment inspection of power transducer
  • Inspection of phase meter
  • Needle sticking tests