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Yokogawa WT310E Digital Power Analyzer


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Digital Power Analyzer - 1 Input element model

Yokogawa WT310E Digital Power Analyzer - 1 Input element model

The WT310E provides extremely low current measurement capability down to 50 micro-Amps, and a maximum of up to 26 Amps RMS. This instrument is ideal for engineers performing stand-by-power measurements, Energy Star®, SPECpower and IEC62301 / EN50564 testing, battery charger and other low-level power measurements.

The WT300E series is the enhanced version of Yokogawa’s 5th generation of compact power meters. The world’s best-selling power meter is the instrument of choice for a wide range of applications in production testing, quality assurance and Research & Development.

WT300E power meters are easy to use, cost effective and accurate for diverse applications such as the testing of electric devices, the development and evaluation of home appliances and induction cookers, battery and DC driven device testing, and conformance tests on uninterruptable power supplies.

The exceptional low power performance of the WT300E and power consumption software enables users to easily test their instruments to Energy Star, SPEC and standby power standards.


The WT300E series power meters are easy to use, cost effective, and accurate for a wide range of applications, such as production, testing, evaluation, and research and development.

For home appliances and office equipment

Production line or QA testing of electric devices

  • Compact half rack mount size helps engineers build smaller test systems with a better return on investment

  • D/A output and Modbus/TCP* functions for data recording

  • Multiple communication interfaces: USB, RS-232 or GP-IB and Ethernet capability

The simultaneous measurement of power consumption parameters such as U, I, P, frequency, power factor and harmonics for production line or QA testing, results in reduced tact times, thereby, reducing time and cost of testing. The D/A outputs and communication interfaces enable data to be remotely and flexibly captured. *“Modbus/TCP” function is available with the Ethernet (/C7) option.

8 Production Line WT300E 1

Development and evaluation tool for home appliances

  • 5mA range allows for small current measurements (WT310E)

  • Auto ranging function during integration mode

  • Range skip (range configuration) function provides the ability to select usable ranges in advance. Auto ranging enables the WT300E series to rapidly adapt to changing input conditions.

The range skip function reduces the transition period between range changes. The WT310E can measure both large and small currents accurately in a single test. This can reduce the total evaluation period or remove the need to use two, rather than one, power meters for the application, thereby saving on capital cost of testing.

3 Input Signal Change

Testing to international standards, such as IEC62301, Energy Star and SPECpower*1

  • The WT310E has a high measurement resolution of maximum 100 μW under the 5 mA range setting.

  • Simultaneous measurement of normal power parameters, harmonic components and THD.

  • Dynamic input capability of crest factor maximum 300 (Peak value/minimum effective RMS value)

  • Free PCM software for IEC62301*2 testing

The WT310E together with the Power Consumption Measurement (PCM) software enables users to perform standby power testing in accordance with international standards.
*1 Coming soon
*2 The IEC62301E2.0 is a reference standard in the EN50564: 2011 Directive. This software corresponds to a test method of those two standards.

9 International Standard WT300E 1

Evaluation of large current equipment

  • Direct high current measurements of up to 40Arms without using external sensors (WT310EH)

  • Auto ranging function for Integration mode.

The WT310EH allows 40 Arms to be directly connected to the input without the requirement to use current clamps or current sensors. This not only provides more precise measurement but also saves on investment costs. The wide current ranges are from 1 A to 40 A and voltage ranges are from 15 V to 600 V.
Users can use it to evaluate special waveform driven devices such as, IH cookers and heaters.

10 IH Cooking Heater WT300E 1

For industrial equipment and transportation

Automotive- Battery or DC driven device evaluation

  • Accurate DC measurements: 0.3% total

  • Direct high current measurement of up to 40A without any external current sensor.

  • Charge/Discharge energy measurements for batteries

11 Automotive WT300E 1

Duration testing and efficiency measurement for industrial motors and rotating machinery

The WT300E series provides reliable current integration (Ah) and Energy (Wh) measurements for up to 10,000 hours. The D/A option can be used to transmit these measurements to an external data logger or recorder, such as a ScopeCorder, and monitor and log data along with other parameters, such as temperatures, torque, and rotation speed. The Modbus/TCP communication with /C7 option is used to save and monitor the measurement results of up 200 chs. YOKOGAWA GA10 data logging software can be used directly to save data along with other parameters such as temperatures, torque and rotation speed by this Modbus/TCP Protocol.

  • Integration measurements over long periods of time

  • Modbus/TCP Protocol for data recording

  • DC, 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz broad bandwidth capability 

13 Durantion Testing WT300E 1
Conformance and evaluation testing of uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)

  • Maximum harmonic order settings for THD calculations

  • Efficiency measurements using a single power meter

  • Average Active Power measurement under integration mode

The WT300E series enables users to conduct conformity tests according to UPS performance testing standards. The WT300E series is used to measure and calculate input & output levels, efficiency, frequency and THD. The average active power data also provides accurate values of power consumption. This equipment along with the WTViewerFreePlus software helps to simultaneously measure all necessary parameters required to test a UPS, thereby reducing the evaluation time.

14 Confomrance WT300E 1