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  1. FLIR A3xx 1item
  2. Fluke 1770 3items
  3. Tektronix PA1000 1item
Max Output Current
  1. 0.5A 1item
  2. 1A 1item
  3. 1.5A 1item
  4. 3A 1item
  5. 5A 1item
  6. 6.25A 1item
  7. 12.5A 1item
  8. 20A 2items
  9. 50A 1item
Max Output Power
  1. 50W 2items
  2. 52.5W 1item
  3. 100W 4items
  4. 105W 1item
  5. 300W 2items
  1. Fluke
  2. Keysight Technologies
  3. Tektronix
  4. TTi
  5. Yokogawa
Trade Approved
  1. Yes 1item

The SJ Electronics' range of power analysers offers accurate measurements, advanced data analysis capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces.

With their comprehensive feature set and broad applicability, these analysers are well-suited for various industries and power analysis requirements, empowering professionals to monitor, optimise, and troubleshoot power systems with confidence.

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