Floor Finish

Floor Finish

SJ Electronics offers a comprehensive range of floor finish ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) products designed to provide effective static control solutions for various industries. The product lineup includes specially formulated floor finishes that are specifically engineered to dissipate static charges, creating a safe and static-free environment.

These floor finish ESD products are designed to be applied on various types of flooring, such as vinyl, linoleum, and epoxy, providing a durable and protective coating that helps prevent static electricity buildup. SJ Electronics' range of floor finish ESD products are easy to apply and maintain, ensuring long-lasting performance and enhanced static control properties.

By using SJ Electronics' range of floor finish ESD products, businesses can effectively manage static charge buildup, reduce the risks of static discharge, and protect sensitive electronic components, ultimately contributing to a safer working environment and maintaining high levels of product quality and reliability.

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