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SJ Electronics offers a comprehensive range of spectrum analysers from the top brands, designed for professionals in fields such as telecommunications, RF (Radio Frequency) engineering, wireless communication, and research and development.

Spectrum analysers are essential tools for analysing and characterising RF signals across a wide frequency range.

SJ Electronics' range of spectrum analysers provide accurate measurements, advanced features, and user-friendly interfaces, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and industries.

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  1. Keysight N9000B Series CXA Signal Analyzer, 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz
    Keysight N9000B Series CXA Signal Analyzer, 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz

    Keysight's N9000B CXA signal analyzer stands out as an affordable and efficient tool for essential signal characterization in today's market. Its capabilities serve as a strong base for testing in various applications, including general-purpose and educational settings. Whether you need swift verification in manufactured devices or are demonstrating lab tutorials, the CXA helps you find answers faster.

    For expert advice and pricing, get in touch at +44 (0) 800 583 4455 or sales@sjelectronics.co.uk

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  2. UNI-T UTS-EMI01 Near Field Probes Kit
    UNI-T UTS-EMI01 Near Field Probes Kit

    Paired with UNI-T spectrum analysers for EMI testing, Near Field Probes (NFP) assess magnetic field strength around components, coupling channels, and electronic module environments. The kit includes NFP-3G-P1/P2/P3/P4 probes, covering a frequency range from 30 MHz to 3 GHz. This versatile solution enables precise electromagnetic interference analysis, ensuring electronic system performance and compliance.

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  3. UNI-T UTS1000B/T Series Spectrum Analyzers
    UNI-T UTS1000B/T Series Spectrum Analyzers

    UNI-T's UTS1000B/T Series of 1.5 & 3.2 GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analysers enhance electrical engineers' capabilities. With a frequency range from 9 kHz to 3.2 GHz and a resolution bandwidth of 1 Hz to 1 MHz, they offer precise signal analysis. The ultra-low -161 dBm display average noise level ensures clear visualisation, empowering engineers to make informed decisions efficiently.

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