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SJ Electronics offers a comprehensive range of oscilloscope probes designed to enhance the measurement capabilities of their oscilloscopes. The range of oscilloscope probes includes various types to cater to different applications and signal types.

From passive probes for general-purpose measurements to active probes for high-frequency and low-impedance measurements, SJ Electronics provides options to suit diverse needs. These probes are engineered with precision and attention to detail, ensuring accurate signal acquisition and reliable performance.

They come with different attenuation ratios, bandwidths, and impedance options to accommodate a wide range of signal sources. With durable construction, ergonomic designs, and high-quality materials, SJ Electronics' range of oscilloscope probes offers excellent signal fidelity and reliable connections.

Whether you are analysing analogue, digital, or mixed-signal waveforms, SJ Electronics has the right oscilloscope probe to enhance your measurement capabilities and help you capture precise and reliable data.