Humidity & Moisture Measurement

Humidity and Moisture Measurement

SJ Electronics offers a comprehensive range of humidity and moisture measurement products designed to accurately measure and monitor humidity levels in various industries and applications. The product lineup includes hygrometers, moisture meters, and humidity data loggers that provide reliable and precise readings of relative humidity and moisture content.

These measurement devices are designed with advanced sensor technology and intuitive interfaces for easy operation and accurate data acquisition. Whether you need to measure humidity in controlled environments, HVAC systems, or industrial processes, SJ Electronics has a solution to suit your needs.

Our range of humidity and moisture measurement products are built to withstand demanding conditions and are equipped with features such as data logging, alarm functions, and wireless connectivity for enhanced convenience and flexibility. With SJ Electronics' range of humidity and moisture measurement products, businesses can effectively monitor and control humidity levels, ensuring optimal conditions for processes, products, and the overall comfort and safety of personnel.

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  1. FLIR MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter
    FLIR MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter

    The FLIR MR160 stands out as a unique moisture meter, offering unparalleled capabilities to precisely pinpoint the source of moisture-related issues. Unlike conventional meters, it visually indicates the precise location where measurements need to be taken. Through advanced imaging technology, this innovative device accurately identifies moisture hotspots, enabling focused inspection efforts with precision. Whether detecting hidden leaks or assessing water damage, the FLIR MR160 guides users directly to the problem's source.

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  2. FLIR MR77
    FLIR MR77 5-in-1 Moisture Meter with METERLiNK

    Utilise the integrated IR thermometer for rapid non-contact surface temperature measurements. This feature provides quick and accurate temperature assessments without direct contact, streamlining your inspections.

    Whether troubleshooting electrical systems or conducting building diagnostics, the MR176's integrated IR thermometer offers instant temperature data, enhancing efficiency and versatility in your toolkit.

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