FLIR Fixed Cooled and Uncooled Thermal Imaging Cameras
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Spectral Range
  1. LWIR 5items
  2. MWIR 7items
  3. SWIR 1item
Product Series
  1. FLIR A3xx 1item
  2. FLIR A6xx 2items
  3. FLIR Cx 1item
  4. FLIR ETS3 1item
  5. FLIR T1000 1item
  6. FLIR T500 1item
  7. FLIR T600 1item
Highest temperature
  1. 300°C 2items
  2. 350°C 2items
  3. 1000°C 2items
  4. 2000°C 4items
  5. 2200°C 1item
  6. 3000°C 3items
Lowest temperature
  1. -20°C 11items
  2. 400°C 1item
  1. 464 x 348 1item
  2. 640 x 480 1item
  3. 640 x 512 8items
  4. 1280 x 1024 2items
Image Frequency
  1. 0.0015 Hz to 1004 Hz 1item
  2. 0.0015 Hz to 180 Hz 2items
  3. 30 Hz 2items
  4. 60 Hz 2items
  5. 125 Hz 2items
  6. 180 Hz 2items

Welcome to SJ Electronics' collection of FLIR fixed cameras. Discover a wide range of high-quality FLIR thermal imaging cameras designed for various applications. Our selection includes both cooled and uncooled cameras, ensuring you find the perfect solution for your thermal imaging needs.

FLIR is a trusted brand renowned for its cutting-edge technology and exceptional image quality. Whether you require thermal imaging for industrial inspections, building diagnostics, or security purposes, our FLIR fixed cameras offer unparalleled performance and reliability.

Explore our inventory and harness the power of FLIR thermal imaging to enhance your operations. Shop now for FLIR cameras at SJ Electronics.