Isolated Probes

Isolated Probes

SJ Electronics offers a comprehensive range of isolated oscilloscope probes designed to provide safe and accurate measurements in high-voltage and high-frequency applications. These isolated probes are engineered to provide galvanic isolation between the oscilloscope and the measured circuit, protecting both the equipment and the user from potential electrical hazards.

SJ Electronics' isolated probes feature high voltage ratings, low capacitance, and high bandwidth capabilities, enabling precise measurements of isolated signals without compromising signal integrity. With various attenuation ratios and input voltage ranges, these probes cater to different voltage levels and measurement requirements.

They are built with robust insulation, shielding, and grounding techniques to ensure reliable and accurate measurements in electrically noisy environments. Whether you are working on power electronics, motor drives, or other isolated signal analysis, SJ Electronics' range of isolated oscilloscope probes offers the safety, accuracy, and performance required for high voltage and isolated signal measurements.

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