Current Probes

Current Probes

SJ Electronics offers a versatile range of current oscilloscope probes designed to accurately measure and analyse electrical currents. These current probes are specially engineered to provide high precision and low noise performance, enabling users to capture and monitor current waveforms with exceptional accuracy.

SJ Electronics' current probes come in various current ranges, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of current measurement applications. With features such as high bandwidth, high sensitivity, and excellent linearity, these probes deliver reliable and precise current measurements.

They are equipped with convenient features like split-core designs or clamp-on mechanisms, making them easy to use and allowing for non-intrusive measurements. Whether you need to monitor current in power electronics, motor control systems, or any other application requiring current analysis, SJ Electronics' range of current oscilloscope probes offer the reliability and performance you need to make accurate measurements and gain valuable insights.

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  1. UNI-T UT-P40 Series AC/DC Current Probe
    UNI-T UT-P40 Series AC/DC Current Probes

    Enhance your measurement capabilities with UNI-T's UT-P40 Series of current and scope probes. Designed for precision and reliability, these probes offer a frequency range spanning from 100kHz to 150kHz, ensuring accurate signal capture across a wide spectrum of applications. With a current range of 0.4A to 200A, the UT-P40 Series provides the versatility to handle various current levels with ease and accuracy. 

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