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  1. PicoConnect 913 Microwave and Pulse Passive Probe


    PicoConnect 913 10:1 AC-coupled 4 GHz RF, microwave and pulse passive probe

  2. PicoScope 4424 Kit High Resolution Oscilloscope with Probes and Carry Case


    PicoScope 4424 + probes (1 per scope per channel), software and reference CD-ROM (includes PicoScope oscilloscope software and PicoLog data logging software), USB 2.0 cable, quick start guide and tough carry case.

  3. PicoConnect 921 Gigabit Digital Probe


    PicoConnect 921 20:1 AC-coupled 6 GHz gigabit passive probe

  4. PicoScope 9321-20 USB Sampling Oscilloscope


    Sampling Oscilloscope 2 channels, 20 GHz with 9.5 GHz optical input and CDR

  5. PicoScope 4224 IEPE High Resolution Passive Probe Oscilloscope


    2 IEPE Channel, 20MHz Bandwidth, 80 MS/s Sampling Rate, 32 MS Buffer Memory, 12 bits (16 bits enhanced) Resolution

  6. PicoScope 9211A PC Sampling Oscilloscope

    2 Channels, 12GHz Bandwidth, 5 TS/s Equivalent Sampling Rate, 16 bits Vertical Resolution, USB & LAN 2.0 PC Connection

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