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  1. PicoConnect 911 Microwave and Pulse Passive Probe


    PicoConnect 911 20:1 AC-coupled 4 GHz RF, microwave and pulse passive probe

  2. PicoConnect 924 Gigabit Passive Probe


    PicoConnect 924 10:1 DC-coupled 7 GHz gigabit passive probe

  3. PicoScope 2205A USB Oscilloscope


    PC Oscilloscope 2 channels with FG/AWG, 25MHz, Includes Two x1/x10 passive probes (60MHz)

  4. PicoScope 6407 High-speed Digitizer


    High-speed digitizer - 4h - 1 GHz - 1 GS - 5GS/s - Sig Gen + AWG

  5. Pico TA150 High-Impedance Passive Probe


    The TA150 is a high-impedance passive probe with 350 MHz bandwidth. It is designed for use with oscilloscopes with a 1 MΩ input impedance and has a fixed attenuation of 10:1. The TA150 has been compensated to ensure optimal performance with the PicoScope 6402 and 6403 oscilloscopes.

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