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  1. Yokogawa Printer (/B5)

    Built-In Printer Option - 112mm wide, monochrome, thermal (4 Channel Models Only)

  2. Yokogawa Analog Voltage Input Module 701267 (Ex-Demonstration)

    Regular Price: £1,879.50

    On Sale £1,127.70

    High-Voltage 100 kS/s sample rate, 16-Bit resolution, 40 kHz bandwidth, 2 channels, Isolated, 850 V*3 Maximum input voltage, ±0.25% DC accuracy, with RMS, and high noise immunity.

  3. Yokogawa Differential probe 700925


    Frequency bandwidth: DC to 15 MHz Maximum continuous input range: 1000 Volts Attentuation Rations: 100:1 or 10:1

  4. Yokogawa DL850EV Scopecorder


    The Yokogawa DL850EV ScopeCorder Vehicle Edition is designed for engineers working in the automotive and railway industry.

  5. Yokogawa Current Probe 10MHz / 150 ARMS


    Frequency bandwidth: DC to 10 MHz Maximum continuous input range: 150 Arms

  6. Yokogawa GS610 Source Measure Unit

    The GS610 is a highly accurate and highly functional programmable voltage/current source that incorporates voltage/current generation and measurement functions.

  7. Yokogawa FlexRay trigger and analysis (709811/F03)


    Additional Option Licence for DLM3000 Yokogawa FlexRay trigger and analysis for 4 channel models

  8. Yokogawa Curve Tracer Software

    The high-speed, high-accuracy real-time V-I curve tracer consists of the GS Series Source Measure Unit and the 765670 Curve Tracer Software. It is particularly well-suited to DC parametric tests of minute signals.

  9. Yokogawa WT3000T Power Analyser with 4 Input Elements - Transformer Version

    The WT3000E Transformer Version offers accuracy of 0.6% of the reading for measurement, even at a power factor as low as 0.01 at 100 V and 1 A.

  10. Yokogawa Differential Probe


    • Bandwidth: 500Hz
    • Attenuation ratio: 10:1
    • Connector Type: BNC Yokogawa Interface
    • Input Resistance: 100kΩ (Ground-level resistance from each input terminal)
    • Input Capacitance: 2.5pF (Ground-referenced capacitance from each input terminal)
    • Rise Time: not specified
    • Differential Input Voltage Range: +/-12V
    • Common Mode Input Voltage Range: +/-30V
    • Non-Destructive Input Voltage: +/- 30V (DC + ACpeak)
    • CMRR: -60dB 1MHz, -17dB 500MHz
    • Cable Length: 1.2m probe cable, 1m power lead cable
    • Standard accessories included: Straight & Angle Pins, Microclips, Lead Wires, pinchers, adaptors 

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