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  1. Yokogawa Isolated Probe 1000V / 200 MHz 701947 (Ex-Demonstration)

    Regular Price: £383.25

    On Sale £229.95

    Passive Probe, 3540Vp-CAT I, 1000Vp-CAT II, 200MHz, 100:1, 100MΩ, 1.5m, 'Isolated Probe' 'Iso-Probe'. For use with 701250, 701251, 701260, 701280, 701281, 720210 isolated-input modules ONLY. For use with DL850 series, DL750/DL750P, SL1400, and SL1000. Not for use with CAT III or CAT IV measurements.

  2. Yokogawa Isolated Passive Probe 1000V / 100 MHz 700929 (Ex-Demonstration)

    Regular Price: £257.25

    On Sale £154.35

    Passive Probe, 1000Vp CAT2, 100MHz, 10:1, 10MΩ, 1.5m, Isolated Probe, Safety Iso-Probe. For use with 701250, 701251, 701260, 701280, 701281, 720210 isolated-input modules ONLY. For use with DL850 series, DL750/DL750P, SL1400, and SL1000. (This is the "new style" 700929 Iso-Probe for ScopeCorder.)

  3. Yokogawa CAN + CAN FD + LIN trigger and analysis (709811/F02)


    Additional Option Licence for DLM3000 Yokogawa CAN + CAN FD + LIN trigger and analysis (/F02) for 4 channel models

  4. Yokogawa WT3000T Power Analyser with 3 Input Elements - Transformer Version

    The WT3000E Transformer Version offers accuracy of 0.6% of the reading for measurement, even at a power factor as low as 0.01 at 100 V and 1 A.

  5. Yokogawa High Voltage Passive Probe 1000Vrms / 250 MHz


    • Bandwidth: DC to 250MHz (-3dB)
    • Attenuation Ratio: 100:1
    • Input resistance: 50MΩ
    • Input capacitance: 7.5pF
    • Compensation Range: 10pF to 50pF
    • Rise Time:
    • Max. input voltage: 1000Vrms, 6,000Vpeak
    • Probe Length (coax): 3.0 meter
    • Standard accessories include: ground leads, solid tip, spring tip, ins. cap, pincher tip, tool, safety alligator clip, color-coding rings

  6. Yokogawa Analog Voltage Input Module 720210 (Ex-Demonstration)

    Regular Price: £3,921.75

    On Sale £2,353.05

    High-Speed 100 MS/s 12-Bit Isolation Module (2 channels)

  7. Yokogawa Differential probe 701926


    Frequency bandwidth: DC to 50 MHz
    Maximum continuous voltage input: 7,000 Volts
    Attenuation ratios: 1000:1 or 100:1

  8. Yokogawa PX8000 Precision Power Scope


    The PX8000 is the world's first precision power scope, bringing oscilloscope-style time-based measurement to the world of power analyzers. With up to four channels, it can perform standard multi-phase power measurements. These measurements exist alongside oscilloscope-specific features such as cursor-based specific time period measurements to enable analysis of waveforms with transient components.

  9. Yokogawa FG420 Arbitrary/Function Generator

    Yokogawa FG420 2 Channel, 30MHz Arbitrary/Function Generator - Easily generate basic, application specific and arbitrary waveforms.

  10. Yokogawa CAN/LIN Bus Monitor Module 720241 (Ex-Demonstration)

    Regular Price: £5,118.75

    On Sale £3,071.25

    Use the CAN/LIN bus monitor module to decode the CAN or LIN-Bus signals and display information on physical data like engine temperature, vehicle speed and brake-pedal position as analog waveforms and compare this with the data coming from real sensors. To be used with DL850V & DL850EV ScopeCorder Vehicle Edition only.

  11. Yokogawa Current Probe 1200 MHz / 5 ARMS


    Frequency bandwidth: DC to 120 MHz Maximum continuous input range: 5 Arms Functions with Digital Oscilloscopes, ScopeCorders and other waveform measuring instruments.

  12. Yokogawa WT3002E Precision Power Analyzer


    Offering the world’s best power measurement accuracy, the WT3002E provides engineers with a solution for testing and verifying product efficiency. The WT3002E is ideal for the design and testing of Solar Inverters, Motor Drives, Lighting Systems, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Transformer Testing, Aircraft Power Systems, and other power conversion devices.

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