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  • digimess MI200 HUC81-00 4-in-1 (Discontinued)

digimess MI200 HUC81-00 4-in-1 (Discontinued)

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Discontinued - Please call 0800 583 4455 for alternatives or email The Digimess MI200 is a high quality, 4-in-1 test unit that features a quad output DC power supply, 2MHz sweep function generator, 1GHz frequency counter and a manual/auto ranging digital multimeter. The units exceptional versatility means that not only is there a cost saving over purchasing separate units of similar features but also the space saving design takes up a lot less room on the work bench, which is ideal where there are space considerations. The range of features of this unit, coupled with its versatility and cost efficiency make it ideally suited to a wide range of applications in education, the laboratory and the service department. • Intuitive front panel designed for ease of use • PSU features 3½ digit display, 2x 30V 3A variable outputs and a 5V 2A fixed output • 2MHz Function generator has 6x waveform types with 20V pp max. output • 1GHz Frequency counter features an eight digit display with annunciators • DMM functions include DC V, AC V, DC A, AC A and resistance