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  • Fluke CNX 3000 Wireless Digital Multimeter (Discontinued)

Fluke CNX 3000 Wireless Digital Multimeter (Discontinued)

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The CNX 3000 Wireless Multimeter has all the essentials for convenient test and measurement troubleshooting. • AC and DC voltage measurements to 1000V • AC and DC current with 0.01 mA resolution • Continuity, resistance, diode test, capacitance and frequency measurements MIN/MAX Recording • CAT III 1000 V, Cat IV 600 V; IP54 Plus, the CNX wireless enabled modules measure AC voltage, AC current and temperature, which display on the CNX Wireless Multimeter. Choose a standard clamp or flexible clamp to measure AC current. Mix and match modules to suit your unique measurement needs. Read the primary measurement on the main display, and up to three modules at any one time. Modules are available separately or as part of CNX kits.