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  • PicoScope 9404-16 16 GHz Sampler Extended Real Time Oscilloscope

PicoScope 9404-16 16 GHz Sampler Extended Real Time Oscilloscope


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  • 16 GHz bandwidth

  • 5 TS/s effective sampling rate

  • 4 channels

  • 12-bit resolution


The PicoScope 9404-16 is the first of a new class of oscilloscopes that combine the benefits of real-time sampling, equivalent-time sampling and high analog bandwidth.

  • SXRTO (sampler-extended real-time oscilloscope)
  • 9404-16: 16 GHz bandwidth, 22 ps transition time and 5 TS/s (0.2 ps resolution) equivalent-time sampling
  • Pulse, eye and mask testing down to 45 ps and up to 11 Gb/s
  • Four 12-bit 500 MS/s ADCs
  • Intuitive and configurable touch-compatible Windows user interface
  • Comprehensive built-in measurements, zooms, data masks and histograms
  • ±800 mV full-scale input range into 50 ohms
  • ±10 mV/div to ±0.25 V/div ranges provided by digital gain
  • Up to 250 kS trace length, shared between channels

The PicoScope 9404 Series SXRTO oscilloscopes have four input channels up to 16 GHz with market-leading ADC, timing and display resolutions for accurately measuring and visualizing high-speed analog and data signals. They are ideal for capturing pulse and step transitions down to 22 ps, impulses down to 45 ps and clocks and data eyes to 11 Gb/s. Most high-bandwidth applications involve repetitive signals or clock-related data streams that can be readily analyzed by equivalent-time sampling (ETS). The SXRTO quickly builds ETS, persistence displays and statistics. It has a built-in full-bandwidth trigger on every channel, with pretrigger ETS capture to well above the Nyquist sampling rate. There are three acquisition modes—real time, ETS and roll—all capturing at 12-bit resolution into a shared memory of 250 kS.

These compact units are small enough to place on your workbench close to the device under test. Now, instead of using remote probe heads attached to a large benchtop unit, all you need is a short, low-loss coaxial cable. Everything else you need is built into the oscilloscope, with no expensive hardware or software add-ons to worry about, and we don’t charge you for new software features and updates.


  • Telecom and radar test, service and manufacturing

  • Optical fiber, transceiver and laser testing (optical to electrical conversion not included)

  • RF, microwave and gigabit digital system measurements

  • Signal, eye, pulse and impulse characterization

  • Precision timing and phase analysis

  • Digital system design and characterization

  • Eye diagram, mask and limits test to 3 Gb/s

  • Ethernet, HDMI 1, PCI, SATA, USB 2.0

  • Semiconductor characterization

  • Signal, data and pulse/impulse integrity and pre-compliance testing