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  • Testo 320 - Flue Gas Analyser- Advanced Kit + Printer

Testo 320 - Flue Gas Analyser- Advanced Kit + Printer


Availability: Normally in Stock / Short Lead Time

  • CO Range: 0 to 4000 ppm

  • Temperature Range: -40 to +1200 °C

  • Pressure Range: 0 to +300 hPa


The testo 320 is a high-quality measuring instrument for efficient flue gas analysis. Its wide measuring range makes it a reliable partner for eliminating malfunctions and emergencies, monitoring legal limit values or for daily routine work servicing heating systems. The numerous measurement menus of the testo 320 are clearly structured. Standardised menu procedures, which are stored in the instrument specifically for your country, simplify operation – depending on which standards you are dealing with. The high-resolution display allows a detailed presentation of the measurement procedures and is easily legible even under the worst conditions.

testo 320 flue gas analysis set - High-efficiency instrument, practical accessories

  • Bluetooth connectivity to Android devices
  • Integrated traffic light system which continuously monitors the sensor functionality
  • Flue gas matrix screen including boiler type and parameters
  • Save up to 500 measurement protocols
  • High-resolution colour graphic display
  • Gas & Oil ratings
  • Smoke number/ HCT
  • Automatic zeroing of the sensor in only 30 seconds after start-up
  • Long service life thanks to the long-life Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Built-in magnets enable the flue gas analyser to be attached to the burner/boiler quickly and easily
  • Integrated condensate trap: easy to empty
  • Optional gas leak probe for gas detection and gas pipe tests available - Selectable for methane or propane and detecting up to 10,000ppm
  • Optional CO probes available for detailed measurement in ambient air or around boiler housings for instance
  • A temperature probe is integrated into the standard probe, which means that relevant flue gas measurement parameters such as CO2 value, efficiency and flue gas loss can be easily calculated
  • Changing probes is easy: the probes can be changed manually. You can order other optional probes specifically required for your flue gas analysis (e.g. multi-hole probe, dual wall clearance probe, flexible flue gas probe)
  • Single-hose connection: just one hand movement is needed to securely connect all channels for the flue gas measurement via the probe coupling (gas paths, draught, temperature probe integrated in the flue gas probe)


Kit contains analyser unit, compact flue gas probe (180 x 6mm), testo IR-printer, differential temperature pipe wrap probes (x2), pressure connector adaptor set, AC to USB charger unit, hard carry case.