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Vermason Benchtop Ioniser 220v (Discontinued)

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200005 (Discontinued) Features: • Meets the requirements of EN 61340-5-1 Test method A.6 for ionization tested per Figure A.20 for bench top ionisers • Features steady State DC ionization and patented Sense Feedback balancing Achieves ion balance control and high output • Small and compact Easy to move and takes up little space • Rapid Access Maintenance Designed to be easily and quickly disassembled for cleaning or replacing emitter points. This method removes the contamination from the work area instead of redistributing it • Provides automatic balancing of the ionization system Essential for maximizing uptime and optimizing output. Provides continuous coverage over worksurfaces that have little or no airflow. Ideal for situations where high air velocity is detrimental to the process, such as gold wire bonding. • Sealed “Thru-Tunnel”air flow design Combines with a non-shedding fan to give the 92290 a Class 100 or better rating • Faster neutralization times Emits a gentle flow of ionized air that provides uniform coverage and faster neutralization times • < 1.5 second 1,000 to 100 volt discharge time at 30cm • Balance ±5 voltage offset • Made in the United States of America • Power Cord needs to be ordered separately: UK Version: Search: 200225, EURO Version: Search: 200220