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Vermason Mini Zero Volt Ioniser 2


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50642 Features: • IMPROVED Fast Discharge Times (<3 seconds at 12”) Neutralizes both positive and negative electrostatic charges within the coverage area. • MORE AIRFLOW High/Low Speed Fan (33 to 51 CFM) Consistent performance at all speeds. Low airflow may be used when working with small moving parts and components that may move with higher airflow. • Compact Ionizer with Stand/Mounting Bracket (24 VDC Input) Neutralizes electrostatic charges on insulators and ungrounded conductors in a 6” x 24” coverage area. • Compact Size (14cm High x 9cm Wide x 4cm Deep with Stand) Use in confined spaces such as environmental chambers and around automated equipment or at standard ESD workstations. • ±5 Volt Offset Voltage Balance Outperforms required limits of ANSI/ESD S20.20 < ± 50 volts tested per ESD TR53. • Steady State DC Emitters Spaced farther apart to prevent ion recombination, increase decay efficiency, and provide a broader coverage area of ionization. • Solid Tungsten Emitters Maintains sharp point for optimal ionizer performance. Resists oxidation, melting and other damage that dulls the tip of the emitter • Shielded Bearings Retains lubricant and minimizes contamination in the work area. • Stainless Steel Housing and Multi-Mount Stand Minimizes foreign objects debris, corrosion, and other contaminations when used in clean or sensitive areas. • NIST Calibrated with Certificate Calibrated with accepted procedures and standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. For more information on calibration of Desco products, see Calibration. • 100-240VAC Power Adapter with Interchangeable Plugs Works with standard electrical systems in North America, United Kingdom, Japan, Asia and Europe • Made in the United States of America