Introducing the NEW Keithely DMM7512 Dual Channel 7½-Digit Sampling Multimeter

The Keithley DMM7512 Dual Channel 7½-digit Sampling Multimeter combines two full-function, high accuracy and high sampling speed DMMs into a compact 1U high, full rack wide form factor chassis. The compact chassis saves rack space in high-instrument density, test systems. The small size does not compromise measurement performance. Each DMM has identical functionality, and both are entirely independent of each other.

The DMMs achieve a basic, one-year accuracy as low as 14 ppm for DC volts, 24 ppm for resistance, and 60 ppm for DC current. Sensitivities of 10 nV, 0.1 µΩ, and 1 pA ensure high quality, high resolution measurements on very small signals. In addition, each DMM has a wide range of functionality including voltage digitizing, current digitizing, and temperature measurements with resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermistors, and thermocouples. With dual channel capability, fast signal sampling, high speed data transfer rates reaching up to 100,000 measurements/s, and internal execution of program test scripts, the DMM7512 reduces space and reduces test time in automated test systems.

Capture Low Level Waveforms with the 1 Msample/s Digitizer

Avoid the need for a separate instrument to capture waveform parameters or ensure a waveform is within design limits by using the digitizing function. Digitize either voltage or current and sample a waveform at a rate of up to 1 Msamples/s with the 18-bit digitizer.

The digitizing function employs the same ranges that the DC voltage and DC current functions use to deliver exceptional dynamic measurement range. With the digitizer’s 1 µV and 0.1 nA sensitivities, the DMM7512 is the best solution for measuring low level waveforms such as wireless IoT battery current profiles and laser diode current consumption profiles. Using the digitizing function, the two DMMs can measure the current in all the operating states of a device including the sleep state and the current burst state when the device is transmitting. By using the two DMMs as synchronized digitizers, one for voltage and one for current, power can be accurately computed on time varying waveforms.

The digitizers can trigger on either the slope, a level, or a window of an input waveform. The digitizers can also trigger on digital control signals such as external, hardware trigger inputs and software trigger commands. Each digitizer function provides oscilloscope-like performance with excellent sensitivity, high resolution, and a fast sampling rate.

Optimized to Maximize Throughput

In addition to the high-speed sampling and fast integrating measurement modes, each of the DMM7512’s DMMs utilize Keithley’s powerful Test Script Processor (TSP®) technology. This embedded scripting capability enables each DMM to run powerful test scripts directly on the instrument without external PC interaction. These test scripts are complete test programs based on an easy-to-use, yet highly efficient and compact scripting language, Lua ( Scripts include instrument control commands and program statements.

Program statements control script execution and include typical programming language features such as variables, functions, branching, and loop control. A test script can execute a complete test including performing specialized computations and making decisions on results without having to receive and decode individual commands from a controller. This saves significant test time by eliminating a substantial amount of interface communication time. TSP technology also offers instrument-to-instrument communication and control through the TSP-Link® channel expansion bus.

The DMMs in the DMM7512 can communicate with each other and with other TSP-enabled instruments, such as the 4-channel 2606B System SourceMeter® Source Measure Unit (SMU) Instrument, in a master-subordinate configuration so that all instruments operate as a single, integrated system controlled by a TSP script in the master instrument. TSP-Link supports up to 32 instruments per IP address, so a system can be easily scaled for any test system requirements. In addition to communicating with and controlling TSPenabled instruments, any instrument with a LAN interface can be controlled by a TSP-embedded test script using the TSP-Net communication facility.

Embedded TSP test scripts execute complete test programs and reduce test time

Embedded TSP test scripts execute complete test programs and reduce test time.

A test script can control multiple instruments through the TSP-Link interface. Measurements between all DMMs can be synchronized with a latency of under 500 ns.

Simultaneously stimulate and measure multiple DUTs with the compact, high density, configuration of the dual-DMM DMM7512 and the four-channel 2606B System SourceMeter SMU Instrument.

Use the Virtual Front Panel for Test Setup or Manual Measurements

Even though the DMM7512 does not have a front panel display, the instrument has a built-in web browser with a virtual front panel. Through a LAN interface connection, the virtual front panel can be displayed on a PC monitor. With the virtual front panel, each DMM of the DMM7512 can be controlled using either the PC touchscreen display or mouse and keyboard controls. All the functionality of each DMM can be accessed through the virtual front panel. Thus manual operation and test setup can be performed as easily as if the instrument had a physical front panel.

The DMM7512 virtual front panel displays a conventional DMM front panel.

Use the virtual front panel to obtain a full screen display of a waveform. Apply cursors and statistics for waveform analysis.

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